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Celebrating at a Peace Site
Online Courses
This introductory online course focuses on the principles, frameworks, and practices of Peace Education. Online Peace Education is available 24 hrs a day to fit your schedule. You can register any time.
International Peace Sites commit to five Peace Actions:
bullet Seek peace within yourself and others
bullet Reach out in service
Protect the environment
Respect diversity
Be a responsible citizen of the world
About Peace Education Online
bullet Why should I take part? During Peace Education Online we cover topics such as conflict resolution, human rights, service learning, cultural understanding, and the intentional structures to create peaceful communities. The main focus is on the practical application and integration of these ideas into learning environments as well as community settings. You will be guided to become more aware of your dreams and passions for peace and with support and feedback from a World Citizen Peace Education facilitator, your dreams and passion will lead to a plan for action.
bullet How will it work? Participants will learn online on their own time through  activities, articles, websites, organizations, practical application with the overall goal of integrating the principles of peace education into their daily practice. Participants will need access on a weekly basis to a computer or tablet with internet access, or a smartphone with wifi and/or a data plan.
How long does it take? You will work through the course on your own time, but we recommend spending about 4 hours per week on the course, which would take 12 weeks.
How is the course structured? If you'd like to learn more about the course, please download and explore the course outline!
Costs and Credits
The up-front cost for the course is $100. Upon completion of the course you will receive a $50 refund from World Citizen, as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) if requested. It is also possible to earn two graduate level credits from Hamline University for an additional fee. Please contact us directly if you're interested in earning graduate credit.
Register Today!
Fill Out Form: Fill out World Citizen's course registration form
Send Form and Pay Course Fee: Return form via email or postal mail, along with online payment or check for $100 course fee to World Citizen ($50 refund when course is complete) no later than the day before the first day of class.
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  Five Peace Actions define World Citizen:
  Seek peace within yourself and others
  Reach out in service
  Protect the environment
  Respect diversity
  Be a responsible citizen of the world