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Celebrating at a Peace Site
Peace Education
Peace Education is for all who value a safe and respectful world.

Onsite Peace Education is an opportunity to connect with other individuals, share ideas, and feel supported in your passion for peace keeping efforts in home, school, and community. These sessions include guest speakers, discussion, and networking.

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Peace Education is based on our five Peace Actions:
bullet Seek peace within yourself and others
bullet Reach out in service
Protect the environment
Respect diversity
Be a responsible citizen of the world
History and Purpose
In 1998, World Citizen conducted a survey of Peace Sites. The following needs were most often mentioned:
bullet To keep Peace Sites active beyond the initial dedication ceremony
bullet To support Peace Sites in creating and sustaining a culture of peace and non-violence in home, school, and community.
From the ongoing evaluation and assessments, we received a clear message that what we offer is critically needed and of value.
The purpose of our Peace Education Program is the direct result of our work with teachers and other community leaders who identified the following as needs for a just and peaceful world.
bullet Create professional development opportunities to network
bullet Exchange ideas and resources
Build a supportive community of educators who foster a culture of peace in homes and communities
How Peace Ed Training Can Benefit You
Our participants say:
bullet Collaboration and dialogue with colleagues
bullet Encouragement and mutual support
More confident about teaching peace
bullet More mindful of peace education in daily planning as well as in the learning environment
The importance of creating a community of Peacemakers and how it impacts our future
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World Citizen is a 501(c)(3) corporation providing two programs: International Peace Sites and Peace Education.
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  Five Peace Actions define World Citizen:
  Seek peace within yourself and others
  Reach out in service
  Protect the environment
  Respect diversity
  Be a responsible citizen of the world