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Peace Pole
World Citizen
Peace Action Pole
About World Citizen Peace Action Poles

Enhance your Peace Site with a visible commitment to be a responsible citizen of the world.

A Peace Pole is a handcrafted monument that displays World Citizen's five Peace Actions on each side of the pole.

A Peace Pole is a permanent, wooden pole that can be planted in a school or community courtyard or garden to act as a constant reminder for us to visualize and promote a just and peaceful world.

World Citizen Peace Action Poles are now available from HomArtifact!
Options are:
8’ cedar 4x4 pole with signs installed: $258.98 
4’ cedar 4x4 pole with signs installed: $178.88
Kit only (assembly screws included): $99.85
Shipping included with all orders within the continental United States

For more details, a close-up view of the pole, and ordering information, click here.

Over 200,000 Peace Poles have been planted in 180 countries throughout the world. Everyone can promote peace through Peace Poles including:

individuals and families
schools and colleges
police and fire stations
communities of fellowship
animal shelters
any place you can imagine!
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World Citizen is a 501(c)(3) corporation providing two programs: International Peace Sites and Peace Education.
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  Five Peace Actions define World Citizen:
  Seek peace within yourself and others
  Reach out in service
  Protect the environment
  Respect diversity
  Be a responsible citizen of the world